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Článek: EuroBirdwatch 2012 (6-7 October)

EuroBirdwatch is BirdLife International’s annual festival of events which invites all citizen members from all over Europe to get out, observe, explore and enjoy birds.

About Eurobirdwatch

EuroBirdwatch (European Birdwatch) is the common event organized by the European national organisations of BirdLife International, a global Partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. Since 1993 on the first weekend in October the BirdLife national Partners invite the public to explore the beauty of birds, especially to experience the magic of bird migration. The wide variety of events organized across the European continent include bird watching excursions, special bird watching events on organic farms, contests for children on identifying birds by their song, bird fairs, excursions to watch birds in national parks and many more activities.

The goal is to encourage as many people as possible to go birdwatching over one weekend, and to record sightings of as many as possible of bird species. Another important aim is to give a good reason to bird lovers for meeting and practising birdwatching.

From the observation stands the number of observed birds and the participating people is reported to the national centre of the BirdLife organisation and from there to the European Centre, which is run by one BirdLife partner. From 2011, the Central-Asian countries have been also included in this unique event.

EuroBirdwatch - BirdLife’s annual birdwatching event in Europe - works to raise awareness of the issues relating to bird migration, and promotes efforts needed to save threatened bird species and their habitats.

How to participate

Book your time for the weekend 6-7 October. Find out your national Eurobirdwatch coordinator – BirdLife partner in your country. Choose the event and enjoy birdwatching!

Results of Eurobirdwatch 2011

2011 was the largest ever EuroBirdwatch referring to the national events. BirdLife Partners and affiliate organisations from 37 European and Central Asian countries, participated, organizing 2,200 different events. Almost five milion birds of different species were counted. Starling , Little Bunting and Crane were the top three species.

Spring Alive

Eurobirdwatch is perfect opportunity how to celebrate the miracle of bird migration – that is why we would like to connect Eurobirdwatch with Spring alive www.springalive.net – another common educational and promotional campaign of BirdLife International. Spring Alive invites people to observe arrivals of five spring messengers – White Stork, Swallow, Cuckoo, Swift and Bee-eater. Spring Alive has two seasons – European, when people observe arrival of migratory birds to their European breeding sites and African, when people in Africa observe arrivals to wintering sites. And the Eurobirdwatch is great opportunity how to connect those two seasons and also for farewell to our spring messengers, leaving to wintering sites in Africa.

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